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Gotcha Day: 7/20/2001 - 4/21/2008

We adopted Cooper on July 20, 2001. Cooper spent 2 months in the North Kansas Animal Shelter before becoming a foster at Doug Smith's house, a friend of Steph. After living with sighthounds for 7 years, bringing a Doberman into the house has been an education. He is protective, energetic and a real marshmallow! We don't know anything about his background, though Doug thought he was between 2 and 3 years old. The longer Cooper is with us, the more we though just barely 2 when he arrived. ;-)

Cooper suffered from a bout of gastric torsion in February 2007.  We were just about to leave on a trip to our cabin up north, when we noticed he was trying to throw up.  We watched him for a moment and realized what was going on.  We called Centennial Valley Animal Hospital, the clinic Tim was working at that is just 5 minutes from our house.  By the time we got him there, his stomach had already turned.  Dr. Lisa Barlow and Dr. Virginia Rickford worked really hard and managed to relieve the pressure and was able to get the gastric tube down.  We then rushed Cooper up to Longmont to the Flatirons Veterinary Specialists.  Dr. Rooney took him right into surgery and saved our boy!  

Unfortunately, Cooper passed away unexpectedly early in the morning of Monday, April 21.  He had a rough night, after biting Dundee on the nose, stomach upset and pooping in the house.  We woke up in the morning to find that he had passed.  Dogs never live as long as we want and often end up with fatal illnesses.  Thankfully, Cooper's health was pretty good to the end, but not being able to say goodbye is truly one of the hardest things we have ever dealt with has pet owners.  

God Speed, Cooper-dog.  We miss you.

This was the picture Doug Smith posted outside his office, which caught our attention and brought Cooper into our lives.

Cooper was Dave's buddy, though he always came to Steph for loves and food.

Our elegant boy

One of the rare moments where Cooper actually liked the snow.

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