The Birds

The Birds

Merry: Hahn's Macaw

Merry is a Hahn's Macaw (miniature macaw), we adopted in November 2004.  We went to the local bird show to find a new cage for Pippin, when we met this young bird.  She was only about 6 months old at the time. 

Merry is a real sweetheart and is very smart.  She has picked up several words and phrases:  Pretty Bird, Step Up, Uh-oh (which she also taught our granddaughter!), There You Go.  Even more fun, she loves to sing along with Mary Had a Little Lamb.  Last, but not least, this special bird will sit on your finger, lift her foot, say "High Five" and give you a "High Five"!  Oh, and she also has a great whistle!  


Pippin:  Green Cheek Conure

We adopted Pippin in November of 2003, a few months after losing our cockatiel, Sweetie.  She came to us as a baby and at the time was great.  Unfortunately, over the years, Pippin has discovered that she likes to bite.  If you listen hard, she will say "Dundee, Dundee Out" and she does a great wolf whistle.  She is a small package, but she thinks she's a lot bigger and will fight Merry.  

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