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Jaaz Twiterpated

6/30/1992 - 5/31/2007

Tasha, aka Jaaz Twiterpated, was the second greyhound to join our household on June 14, 1995. Tasha had been found running around and found her way into the greyhound adoption group, Colorado Greyhound Companions (CGC), from whom we adopted her.

Tasha has a much different personality than Cody does. She's very friendly with people and seems to adore children. Her only fear seems to be with loud cars that go down the street while we're out walking. She also has a very high prey drive, which several squirrels have discovered, too late. Tasha loves to snuggle with us and adores it when we're home a lot with her. When we're not, she lets us know in various ways. At 9 years of age (She was born June 30, 1992), she acts more like a perpetual two year old, but her playfulness really was a help to Cody.

Tasha also plays regularly with Dundee...they can often be found playing tug-o-war with a toy. They will growl at each other and Tasha is so sweet when she just lets Dundee win. We were very worried when about Tasha's prey drive when we brought Dundee home at 12 weeks. But, Tasha has surprised us. We think that Tasha has adopted Dundee as hers. She will correct him, but then turn around and play with him. They can often be found snuggled in the sun together as both are my sun hounds.

At Meet and Greets for CGC, she is a wonderful greyhound ambassador, but after awhile decides that she's tired and lays down for a nap. This is great for people who think that greyhounds are hyper.

Tasha is definitely becoming the grandma of the household. She has even started tolerating new dogs! When we adopted Cooper, she allowed him to come into our home without a single growl. While she is getting older, she does still maintain her prey drive and her energy. Recently, at a trip to the cabin, she managed to do a 2 hour hike without complaint, unlike Dundee who tried to take a nap halfway back! 


Tasha at the S Lazy U (2001)

Photo taken by Tim Russell

Dundee and Tasha

Tasha Memorial Day 2007


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