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Garth's Bookin

10/6/1990 - 4/20/2001

We said goodbye to Cody on Monday, April 30, 2001. We will forever miss you, handsome.

We adopted Cody, aka Garths' Bookin, on June 30, 1994, from Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) out of Colorado Springs, CO. Cody pretty much chose us by following our son, who was 5 at the time, around the turnout pen. Cody also got along very well with Buddy, our Border Collie/Lab mix, who was 12.

Unfortunately, Cody turned out to be what many people call a spook. This is not necessarily a greyhound breed trait, but it was something that we had to deal with. Cody was so scared during obedience class and demonstrated his fear by shaking so much that it sounded like he was tap dancing.

In February, 1995, things took a turn for the worse with Cody when Buddy passed along to the Rainbow Bridge. We tried everything, but it was adopting Tasha in June 1995 and shortly after, started taking him to Meet and Greets, that he started to improve.

Cody, who turned 9 in October 1999, became an old hand at Meet and Greets. He no longer shivered and tap danced in every situation. He also started greeting people who come to visit our home with a tail wag and a tentative sniff. Many of our friends who knew him in his early days with us, were amazed at how far he's come. Oh, he still had his bad days, but overall, he became much more secure in new situations.

Unfortunately, on Wednesday, January 20, 1999, Cody was diagnosed with a bone tumor. He had started limping the week before and I became concerned when I discovered a place that was very tender on his front right leg below his elbow. Just one week later, Wednesday, January 27, Cody had his leg amputated. He came home the next day and has done amazingly well since. I will try to put this whole story in a different page soon. Right now, he goes up and down all the stairs in our tri-level home and runs in the backyard with Tasha and Dundee. He still loves his walks, though we don't go far these days.

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Cody Pictures:

Cody and "Webster" the weekend before his surgery.(1/99)

Cody waiting "patiently" for left over fajita chicken! (2/99)

Cody and Tasha

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